mielec 2013 1Alleluia, O Kyrios evasileusen, prokeimenon of the Vespers of the Easter and of the Holy Mess on Monday (Ms. “Latin 5319” from Vatican Library) - after an interpretation of Lykourgos Angelopoulos (Athens) with Marcel Pérès’ choir, “Organum” (Paris).

partitura 77The following list is far from being complete. Therefore, any information about a certain edition will be most welcome. If you know any printed Byzantine music of this period not in the following list, please communicate us. Doubly so as will be welcome any digital copy of it (scanned preferred). Thank you.

adrian sirbu




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adrian sirbu




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byzantion vol 10-300


 The Service of Paraklesis and the Akathist Hymn of Saint Paraskeve


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stef mihalcea



- psaltes;

- member of 2007;


dorin ionescu




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- conductor;


alexandru darie




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ioan dulgheriu

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